Finessis | Molecular Layer Technology
Finessis | Molecular Layer Technology
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The core advantage of MLT is the capability to produce high-quality films, and Finessis® surgical glove is made with this technology. Each and every glove represent a structure of dense and uniform molecular layers. We bring forward a range of new generation surgical gloves that promotes high-quality and clean surgical gloves.

The key features of Finessis® are:

  • High-quality integrated protection barrier
  • AQL 0.10
  • Zero Accelerators
  • Scanned Fit Comfort

Flexylon™ Formulation – Mitigate Risk for Skin Allergy

Flexylon™ is trademarked formulation under Aspion Bhd. The formula consists no traditional accelerators and no processing aids in the composition*. This proprietary formula enables the glove to have the cleanest content compared to other gloves. With zero accelerators* and processing aids, Finessis® surgical gloves mitigate the risk of contact skin allergies.

*this products does not contains traditional accelerators and processing aids in formulation process.


Non Cytotoxicity

Cytotoxicity can be resulted from the glove chemicals absorption when contact with live cells or tissues. The damage of cells can be caused by the leaking or melting of binding chemicals in the glove layer onto the surface of the organs or tissues in contact. Flexylon™ does not give any cytotoxicity effect when tested, making the only composition that can produce clean gloves that is non-cytotoxic, non-embryotoxic and non spermatotoxic. With non-cytotoxic content, Finessis surgical gloves are the perfect choice for Embryonic surgery, OG, Spinal, Ophthalmic, Pediatric, Transplant, Neuro and Vascular surgeries.


Clean Composition:

  • MLT enables the formation of film without any accelerators and without chemical binders used.
  • No allergenic proteins and none of the chemical historically responsible for irritant or allergic dermatitis,
    delayed type hypersensitivity.

LAL: Limulus Amebocyte Lysate testing for endotoxin
*Devices contacting the central nervous system or the intraocular space are even more sensitive