Finessis | Finessis Zero®
Finessis | Finessis Zero®
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ZERO Accelerators, Highest Performance, Highest Structure


Suitable for all types of surgery specialty, Finessis Zero® is your choice of glove with less worry on chemical-related skin exposure. Produced with the Molecular Layer Technology, Finessis Zero® is manufactured without any traditional chemical accelerators and give a cleaner glove (in composition) compared to other surgical glove in the market. For surgical professionals who are looking for a cleaner composition surgical glove to circumvent the risk of chemical exposure on your allergic patient or newborns, choose Finessis Zero®.

Safe for your skin. The Glove That Protects When You Perform With Safety

When it comes to glove performance, we understand it’s not just about comfort. Finessis ZERO® is the surgical glove with highest accepted quality level (AQL 0.10). This new benchmark is achieved by using a proprietary technology to build the glove, the highest state of the art technology in the glove industry – Molecular Layer Technology.

The technology enables the gloves to be deposited one molecular layer at a time, the glove flawlessly structured even at molecular level. This technology gives a clean glove structure with zero accelerators, high durability glove, with lowest pinholes level, we give you Finessis ZERO®.

  • Suitable for: All Types of Surgery
  • Unique Feature:  Clean Composition, with no traditional accelerators and chemical binders used in glove manufacturing process, mitigate risk for Type I, Type IV and Irritant Contact Dermatitis.
  • Material: Flexylon™
  • Shape: 3D- Curvature Design
  • Finishing: Smooth Microtextured
  • Inner: Polymer-treated
  • Conformance: MDD IIa, PPE Certified Class III, FDA Approved