Finessis | Finessis Corium®
Finessis | Finessis Corium®
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The Comfort Surgical Glove


The best glove you need for 4-hours surgery is a comfortable glove, Finessis Corium® spells the glove you need. Produced with the novel Molecular Layer Technology and Flexylon™ material. Finessis Corium® is double the comfort on hands compared to other synthetic surgical glove and free of traditional accelerators, mitigates skin allergy. For surgical professionals who double glove, double glove with comfort, double glove with Finessis Corium®.


  • Suitable for: Under-glove & Microsurgery
  • Unique Feature: Light-weight and high snag resistance allows high stretch-ability and sensitivity for long-hours wear.
  • Material: Flexylon™
  • Shape: 3D- Curvature Design
  • Finishing: Smooth Microtextured
  • Inner: Polymer-treated
  • Conformance: MDD IIa, PPE Certified Class III, FDA Approved