Finessis | Finessis Aegis®
Finessis | Finessis Aegis®
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Finessis® Aegis is the new generation of surgical glove, designed with a disinfectant core. The mechanism of disinfection is specific, delivers in the event of glove breach. The following segments will explain the mechanism of the disinfection system and the performance tested under simulated glove puncture.



A standard surgical team comprises of at least 4 -5 personnel, including an operating surgeon, scrub nurse, circulating nurse and technician. It is a challenging compact area to work intimately together, and not to disregard the instruments and sharps that are present together in the vicinity. Personnel is susceptible for injuries in many ways when handling and working under this condition.

Percutaneous injuries involving a hollow borne needles remain commonly reported occupational exposures in the healthcare settings. Hollow-bore needles are at high risk as they can inoculate large volume of bloods despite the use of gloves. Health workers are at risk of infection with bloodborne viruses, which namely the fatal human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C and bacterial infections.


The design of Finessis Aegis® offers protection for two major infection routes:

    1. Healthcare-acquired Infection:
      With its designed disinfectant layer in the middle-layered, passage of pathogens from patient to operating surgeon is disrupted. In incident where the glove is breached by a needle puncture accident, the passage of pathogen interrupted by the disinfectant layer before reaches the surgeon’s skin. The mechanism of Aegis is targeted at the injured site and adequate amount of disinfectant is released to disinfect the puncturing object. The mechanism works in surface pressure which releases the disinfectant under high pressure force, this squirting effect is proven to be effectively disinfect in quick seconds.
    2. Surgical Site Infection:
      In the case where the glove is breached or microperforated, the transfer pathogens and bacteria is disrupted with the disinfection action in the middle layer of the glove. The transmissible route is break when it reaches the disinfectant layer, and before it reaches the patient, the infection factor (pathogen) has been effectively minimized.


*Test performed on HIV-1 virus, hollow-bore needle 22G. Report 879-101. Tests performed with other viruses and/or under other conditions might led to different results



Double gloving practice has been popularized in recent years as measures to reduce the risk of contamination in surgery. In spite of data supporting double gloving as an effective risk reduction strategy, many surgeons reported that double gloving reduces hand sensitivity and dexterity. Therefore, the double gloving practice has seen limited application. Also, there are studies reported when glove puncture accident, the same perforation is found on the outer glove and as well as on the inner glove. Wearing a contrast colored glove given the indication to change glove, but does not provide the disinfecting properties and protection against transmissible infections. In the emergence of more virulent strains, health workers are susceptible to resistant strains of bacteria and viruses, the design of Aegis offers the disinfection needed. Designed with high viscoelasticity material, Flexylon™, Finessis Aegis provides the similarity as latex glove in terms of stretch ability and tactile sensitivity. For health workers seeking for option with high protection gloves in surgery and not losing the tactility in instrument maneuver. Finessis Aegis® is the choice for them. Finessis Aegis is designed with triple-layered structure with a comparable thickness as double layered gloves. Single glove is perfect for surgery use. For double glove surgeons, Aegis® is perfect to don as underglove for protection.

  • Suitable for: All Types of Surgery, Orthopedic, Trauma and High-Risk Surgeries.
  • Unique Feature: Designed with Disinfectant core in the middle layer. Disinfect when glove breach.
  • Material: Flexylon™
  • Shape: Straight Finger Design
  • Finishing: Smooth Microtextured
  • Inner: Polymer-treated
  • Conformance: MDD IIb, PPE Certified Class III